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Getting Started

The Sopers Macindoe web site has a number of features useful for those interested with information on, or the purchse of door hardware. The most notable feature is the extensive product database. This resource houses the vast majority of our products, with new products being added on a weekly or daily basis. With this database as part of our website you may browse through at any time, from anywhere. Also you may run a search with our 'search engine' to find the product or service you are looking for.
Searching is a very quick, easy and efficient way of finding what you want, and we recommend you try this if you know what you are looking for. To search for something now, type a word in the box below the word "Search" (on the right) and click GO.

If you would rather leaf through the information yourself click the "Browse All Products" button on the left to bring up a list of categories. Once you become familiar with the site you may prefer to use the drop-down menus to navigate more quickly.

Other features of this site include a Company profile with locations and contact details, A product order form, An email form for inquiries etc, and an archive of our newsletters - All of which can be found by clicking the corresponding link on the left.

Search Engine Info

The Sopers Macindoe web site search engine requires Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above. (Note: Search does not work on Netscape). If you do not have Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above it can be downloaded free from

Should the search engine not work you can view the web site by using the drop-down buttons (Product Ranges, Brands, Products) or by clicking the "Browse All Products" button.

Using the Product Search Engine

The search engine will search for both the product code and the product description.

Example 1:
If you are looking for hinges type "hinge" into the search engine and it will find all the products with "hinge" in either their code or description. You can also type in the size of hinge you are looking for e.g. "hinge 100x75".

Example 2:
If you are looking for door seals type in "door seals" into the search engine and it will find all the products with "door seals" in either their code or description. You can also type in the kind of door seals you are looking for. e.g. "Smoke stop seal", "Weather seal" or "Acoustic seal".

Feedback / Improvements

We love feedback, so whether it's a pat on the back or a site feature you're unhappy with, we appreciate the response. We aim to make this site as helpful, informative and functional as possible and your feedback will help us to do that.

Please use the email form provided to let us know your thoughts. And we ask that you type "SUGGESTIONS" as the first word in the comments box, as this helps us with sorting our mail.

Though we may not always reply, all constructive comments will be fully considered.