Product Warranties

Sopers Macindoe (Sopers Macindoe & Banks LP) is a privately owned New Zealand company with branches throughout New Zealand.

It is Sopers Macindoe policy that we will credit or replace any items that are affected by the following.

Factory Defects are defects in the product that have occurred through the manufacturing process This does not include vandalism or if the product has been used in an application it was not designed for.

Manufacturers Warranty

Every product we sell comes with a manufacturers warranty of a minimum of one year. Subject to individual manufactures terms and conditions. A copy of each manufactures warranties is available on request.

Delivery Times

Standard Stock Lines  1-5 Working Days

Indented Items  5-10 Working Days

Custom items vary depending on what the item is or what is being done to the item. Estimated dates can be given on request

For purchases from Sopers Macindoe website (Sopers Macindoe & Banks LP) will be the name shown in your credit card statement

All prices shown on Sopers Macindoe website are in New Zealand dollars and exclude tax